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The newest addition to my to-do list of Internet procrastination is Vulture, New York Magazine’s entertainment blog.  It combines news about the arts and entertainment scene with just the right amount of cheekiness to keep it from taking itself too seriously.

Vulture Devouring Culture New York Magazine

Vulture not only titles its articles with snarky headlines such as “Recording Industry to Quit Suing Downloaders, the Dead” and “Disney Slays Narnia Franchise, Andy Samberg Weeps“, but it also gleefully keeps readers abreast of new ridiculous quotes by the Hollywood set:

“‘We definitely need a kid ASAP.’Spencer Pratt threatens the world with potential devil spawn [MTV]

‘I guess God just wanted to prepare me for this role.’ Diddy on how his past legal problems helped with his role on CSI: Miami [E!]

‘Favorite song of 2008? I haven’t had the chance to listen to anything but my stuff … so, um, “Right Now.” Favorite Album? Freedom. In stores right now.’ Akon [MTV]”

Vulture, New York Magazine’s culture blog

Most recently, Vulture put out a year-in-review list of its most popular articles with readers and bloggers in 2008.  Here are some teaser photos:

Check out Vulture’s 2008 year-in-review list for such gems as a slideshow of Vulture’s Complete Field Guide to the Facial Expressions of Keanu Reeves, a flowchart to help moviegoers decide Which of This Fall’s Oscar-Baiting Holocaust Movies Is Right for You?, and some handy advice on When Should You Take Your Bathroom Breaks During ‘Che’?

One more reason to read Vulture: without it, I never would have discovered this fan video featuring “talented super-nerd” Timothy Edward Smith’s musical score from his fan project Star Wars: The Musical:

when I read Vulture’s post George Lucas Finally Relents, Signs Off on Star Wars Musical.