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The Metros are an indie rock band from south London.  Think The Libertines, if they were young enough to have gone to high school with you.

What The Metros lack in originality, they make up for in playful swagger.  Here’s a catchy single, “Last of the Lookers,” off their 2008 album, More Money Less Grief:

I love the lead singer’s suspenders, and the slangy British lyrics that make a minimum of sense to someone here on the other side of the Atlantic:

‘Cos we’re the south east lovers
Yeah we’re the last of the lookers
Wrapped up topshop coked up sweethearts know
Wrapped up topshop coked up sweethearts know

I met a girl, thought she was the bee’s knees
Turns out she’s ain’t even from Brockley, oh

The Metros, “Last of the Lookers”

Even when I know what they’re saying, I still don’t really know what they’re saying, but I have a damn good time singing along.  I think they’re worth keeping an eye out for as they continue to mature and develop their own sound.

If you like, you can view the band’s official website, watch the videos for singles “Talk About It” and “Education Pt. 2”, or read album reviews of “More Money Less Grief”.