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Laura Ingalls Wilder is freaking hilarious.



What?  No.  Not the Laura Ingalls Wilder who wrote Little House on the Prairie.  At least, not the real Laura.

Someone on Twitter has started tweeting as the renowned author of American pioneer literature under the pseudonym HalfPintIngalls.  Whoever it is combines a wicked sense of humor with a bookworm’s knowledge of Wilder’s life and work.  Here’s a sampling of HalfPintIngalls’ delightful tongue-in-cheek humor.

On fashion:


On venerated cultural traditions:


On modern marvels:


On the 2008 presidential election:



On daily life:


If this mysterious HalfPintIngalls is a man, I am adding him to my list of Internet crushes, along with Randall Munroe and Dan O’Brien. If you can’t get enough of HalfPintIngalls either, follow “Laura Ingalls Wilder” on Twitter.


The New York Times did an interesting visual piece earlier this month showing which words were used most frequently by Republicans versus Democrats at their respective national conventions.  I think it succinctly demonstrates which issues each party is focusing voters’ attention on, and it’s an interesting study in rhetoric as well.

// are surprising: Despite what Jon Stewart would have you believe, Rudy Giuliani only mentioned September 11th once.

For a larger image, go to the original New York Times article.  I must also give credit to Digg for featuring this article a few weeks back.  Dugg.