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At 8 pm PST Tuesday night, celebrations erupted all over California as Barack Obama was announced the next president of the United States, but there were surely few better places to be to experience the excitement than on the streets of Berkeley.


Hundreds of students gathered in the streets of Berkeley after Sen. Barack Obamas victory in the presidential election Tuesday night.

Hundreds of students gathered in the streets of Berkeley after Sen. Barack Obama's victory in the presidential election Tuesday night. (The Daily Californian)

I will save the actual writing of the eyewitness account for Vivek, who was actually on Telegraph that evening and has graciously agreed to guest blog about what I’m sure he will term “a hella sick evening, like, HELLA SICK”.

For now, you should definitely check out The Daily Californian’s excellent photo slideshow that perfectly captures the spirit of the evening, or read more in Tess Townsend’s article “Berkeley Celebrates Obama’s Victory“.


I’ve been hearing a renewed buzz about “Spring Awakening” lately, likely because it’s currently playing at the Curran Theatre in nearby San Francisco.  It’s a well-reviewed, Tony award-winning (“Best Music”, “Best Choreography”, “Best Direction”, “Best Musical of the Year”) rock musical with a supposedly amazing alternative/folk rock score written by Duncan Sheik.  The subject matter deals with puberty and discovering one’s sexuality in teenage years, and has been hailed as the new “Rent”, telling a compelling story that has been called “the groundbreaking fusion of morality, sexuality and rock & roll”.

“The musical is not limited to its message, which is more undercurrent than heavy-handed moral. As a whole, the show is memorable, stirring and, on occasion, raucously funny.

Naturally, the vibrant cast deserves some of the credit. Decked out in period clothing, they still manage to leap around the stage in balls-out numbers like “My Junk” and “Totally Fucked.” It’s not all headbanging thrills, though, and they’re equally adept at keeping things subdued when appropriate.”‘

Louis Peitzman, The Daily Californian

Weeds fans will be glad to hear that Hunter Parrish, who plays Silas, will be joining the cast as male lead Melchior.  Here’s a video of him pitching the show:

You can read the entirety of the review in The Daily Californian or visit the official site to learn more, but before you get too attached to the idea of seeing “Spring Awakening” in San Francisco’s Curran Theatre, prepare to have your aspirations cruelly crushed by ticket prices of $100-$200 and the realities of your student budget.

When I interviewed for a copy editing posititon at The Daily Cal, one of the interview questions I was asked was, “What is your favorite punctuation mark and why?”  We’re all nerdy grammarians at the copy desk, so my response was, “I’m so glad you asked that question.  I love the interrobang.”

The what

The interrobang.

Feast your eyes on that. Aww yeah.

The interrobang.

It’s a combination question mark and exclamation point, to be used in instances like, “SHE SAID WHAT” or “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT“, when the normal ?+! combo just won’t do.  I love the muddled combination of utter surprise, confusion, and exitement an interrobang conveys.  And visually, it’s one of the most beautiful punctuation marks out there.  I mean, look at those curves and that serif stylizing.

It’s fallen out of fashion to use interrobangs (they were invented in 1962 and were the hot new thing to have on your typewriter keyboard for a while), but I think that retro styling just adds to the interrobang’s charm.

If I ever form a rock band, I want to be called The InterroBANGS.  Too bad this band already beat me to the punch.  Check out this facebook group dedicated to the revival of the interrobang.

After nearly two years, the four hardest-core tree sitters were finally forced to descend after a Berkeley court ruled the athletic center could be built.

Justin Gonzaga, The Daily Californian

Photo Credit: Justin Gonzaga, The Daily Californian

UC Removes Unoccupied Trees From Oak Grove

Disclaimer: I work for the Daily Cal.

Claimer: The Daily Cal is Berkeley’s largest independent student-run newspaper.