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Deanne made these Clue-themed cupcakes at my house for her Clue party this weekend.  I helped a tiny bit, but the credit for these definitely goes to her!

Clue cupcakes

The characters include: Miss Scarlet with the rope, Mrs. White with the wrench, Mr. Green with the lead pipe, Mrs. Peacock with the candlestick, Colonel Mustard with the revolver, and Professor Plum with the knife.  Also, poor Mr. Boddy in chalk outline.

What is a Clue party, you may ask?  For the party, Deanne and her friends each dressed up as a character from Clue.  They got fake weapons and costume accessories from the dollar store.  At the party, they played the Clue board game, watched the 1985 Clue movie, and ate these cupcakes.  Awesome idea.


Rock Band is my most favorite video game in the history of all video games.  I’m by no means good at it (I usually recruit someone to split drumming/kickpedaling duties with me, and have been known to fail singing on Easy) but I love it like no other.  I even draw nerdy literary comics about it. And this week, I made Rock Band cupcakes.

Rock Band Cupcakes

Rock Band cupcake

They’d be really nice to make if you were having people over for a Rock Band night.  (Do those exist?  They should.  If you host one, invite me over.  Perhaps I’ll bring cupcakes.)

On a somewhat related note, have you seen the trailer for The Beatles: Rock Band yet?  I’m pretty stoked.

In honor of Watchmen, I made these cupcakes with Jackie.  It is probably one of the more kickass sets of baked goods I hope to ever create.  The whole second generation of Watchmen is represented, even Archie:

The Comedian cupcake, Rorschach cupcake, Archimedes cupcake, Ozymandias cupcake, Silk Spectre cupcake, Captain Metropolis cupcake, Nite Owl cupcake, Dr. Manhattan cupcake, Doomsday Clock cupcake, Watchmen cupcakes.

Watchmen cupcakes

watchmen cupcake the comedian's badge

See my previous post on Father’s Day cupcakes for a link to the fondant recipe we used.  Based on demand, I might put up a fondant decorating tutorial later this week when I make cupcakes with Deanne.  We’re thinking Rock Band and/or Clue.  Get excited.



Inspired by hellonaomi’s adorable cupcakes on Flickr, Jackie and I decided to make our own for Father’s Day.  We started with a basic fondant recipe and colored it with food gel coloring; working with fondant is a lot like working with marzipan (or, if you’re not much of a pastry chef, like playing Sculptorades in Cranium).  Here they are, in golf and airplane themes:

father's day golf cupcakes

father's day cupcakes airplanes

father's day cupcakes airplane

It’s summer vacation, and that means it’s time to enjoy a bunch of things I didn’t have time for last semester.

Summer To Do Mosaic

From left to right, beginning with the top row:

1. Read my first graphic novel, Watchmen.  I’ve just finished reading it for the first time, and it surpassed all my expectations.  I need to read it again, then read Dash’s thesis on it and see the movie.

2. Watch the entirety of Firefly.

3. Go camping.

4. Make various DIY crafts.  I have in mind an earring organizer and a wallet woven from paint samples.

5. Learn how to decorate cupcakes using marzipan.

6. Play my first game of D&D.  See what all the fuss is about.

7. Attend BFD 2009, with The Offspring and MC Lars.

8. Pick up guitar again.  I’m not very good, but Davin is super patient.  Perhaps this summer I will vanquish my foe, the bar chord.

9. Keep running and swimming so that I don’t lapse back out of shape before I resume swim class in the fall.

What else should I do?  And what’s on your list?

Berkeley is famous for its Gourmet Ghetto, an area of North Berkeley near Shattuck that contains legendary restaurants like Chez Panisse, The Cheese Board, and the first ever Peet’s Coffee.  One restaurant is a cute cupcake shop called Love At First Bite.

Vine Ave. storefront

Someone needs to tell them that there is no such word as "cupcakery". There is no verb to "cupcake".

Love At First Bite capitalizes on the cupcake trend of recent years, selling $3 cupcakes in unusual flavors like “razzle dazzle”, “PB affair”, “matcha green tea”, and “chocolate maltball”.  I think that’s a bit pricey.  The cupcakes are not especially artfully decorated, and I’ve heard the cupcakes are nothing to fall in love with, but it’s a good concept nonetheless.

My younger sister and I made these cupcakes with her icing decorator tool one 4th of July:

You know a kid is culinarily incined when she asks for a professional icing decorator tool for Christmas.

You know a kid is culinarily incined when she asks for a professional icing decorator tool for Christmas.

I browsed Flickr and found some more awesome cupcakes for you to feast your eyes on:

Lego Cupcakes by hello_naomi

Lego Cupcakes by hello_naomi


Cappucino Dream by 4GoodnessCake!

Four and Twenty Blackbirds by abbie_tabbie

Four and Twenty Blackbirds by abbietabbie

For A Shop Opening by Le Cupcake

For A Shop Opening by Le Cupcake

Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes from dukeinnewyork

Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes by dukeinnewyork