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Hello readers!  As promised in my May 27 post, I only intended to blog until summer sessions began.  Well, they have begun, and they have begun with a vengeance.

However, my housemates and I have just started a shared blog at, based on our culinary adventures in the apartment, in Berkeley, and on the Internets.  Hopefully, because it’s a group blog, we’ll be able to update it more often between us.

Our most recent posts include:

We Follow: Fancy Fast Food Fancy Fast Food is built on the premise of “extreme makeovers of actual fast food items purchased at popular fast food restaurants.”  Dunkin’ Donuts become creme brulee, a Wendy’s Baconator becomes a savory Napoleon, Popeye’s Chicken becomes sushi.  No joke.

Boston Krème Brûlée & Fruit Tart (Fancy Dunkin’ Donuts)

Boston Krème Brûlée & Fruit Tart (Fancy Dunkin’ Donuts)

Jamba Juice BOGO Coupon We may be budding foodies, but we are also poor college students.  That’s why we’re excited that Jamba Juice is offering a buy one get one free coupon on any smoothie through August 9.  Here’s a link to the coupon.  Go on, treat yourself.

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread……is sliced Panda Bread.

Mosey on over and check us out.

Foodie Friday


I’ve decided to start blogging again this month only, during my brief reprieve between spring semester and summer classes.  I will admit that this is mainly because I’m jealous of all the fun Jack and Dash are having with their new blogs, Chopped and Skewered and Red Car, Good Point, respectively.

Pomegranate boba from Jacks travels in Taiwan.  How could you not want to read his food blog?

Example: pomegranate boba from Jack's travels in Taiwan. Semiviolent name aside, how could you not want to read "Chopped and Skewered"?

If you followed me in exploringberkeley’s heyday, you know that I originally began this blog as part of my marketing internship at TigerLogic to promote their search tool, ChunkIt!, to college students.  My bosses were great, and I had a pretty sweet job while it lasted — getting paid to blog about whatever as long as I threw in a bit of ChunkIt! here and there — but understandably, these days, experimental Web 2.0 marketing of a free product is kind of … not a top priority.

Thus, today’s post, while lacking in its usual snark and pompousness, is momentous.  It is my declaration of independence from corporate ties.

The Dead Kennedys, whom you may recall are a prime role model for blazing a path apart from corporations.  I know, I already used this picture.  Sorry.  Theyre awesome.

The Dead Kennedys, as you may recall from my most previous post, are an emblem of anti-corporate trailblazing. I know, I already used this picture of DK at the 1980 Bay Area Music Awards making a statement against the mainstream music industry itself and the commercialism of New Wave in their usual controversial manner (Wikipedia article). Sorry! I just think they're awesome.

I am now blogging for you, and me, and nobody else.  (Of course, I’m going to choose to write about much the same as I did before.  But the point is, I have the choice.)  For instance, instead of posting a nice family-friendly photo of the Dead Kennedys at the 1890 Bay Area Music Awards just now, I could have illustrated my point with a photo of Rage Against the Machine at Lollapalooza in 1993 during their protest against censorship by the Parents Music Resource Center (Wikipedia article).  But you can use Google Images to do that for yourself.

I didn’t always blog for ChunkIt! at exploring berkeley.  My illustrious blogging career began this summer during my internship at TigerLogic’s San Jose offices, when I teamed up with Michael to craft a post about our crazy intern field trip to Berkeley to shoot a promotional video.

T.I.G.E.R.s storm Sather Gate.

The T.I.G.E.R.s storm Sather Gate. What did you do at your internship this summer?

Without futher ado, here’s some vintage Katherine from TigerLogic’s blog:


T.I.G.E.R. Logic

By all outward appearances, I have a perfectly respectable grown-up job this summer. Every day from 9 to 5 (okay, 9:30 to 5:30) I sit in a cubicle and, as part of a team of interns, brainstorm ways to market ChunkIt! to college students. We have weekly objectives to accomplish, payrolls to be filled out, and status reports to be written. But once in a while, we all get to go out of the office and do something wild and crazy. And that’s when we transform from square-minded Clark Kents into marketing Supermen (and -women).

This week, we took a field trip to stage a protest in (where else?) Berkeley. We marched under the auspices of T.I.G.E.R. (The Innovative Group for Effective Research). Our topic of protest? Slow search times on the Internet. Our mission? To enlighten the good people of Berkeley about the birth of a solution. Armed with classic hand-painted protest signs adorned with biting witticisms such as “URL Sinners” and “Practice Safe Search”, we stormed through historic Sather Gate and up the steps of Sproul Hall. No longer would we stand by and watch as millions toiled through the daunting labyrinth of the Interwebs. As the 300 Spartans before us, we stood bravely on the steps of Sproul Hall and shouted, “This is CHUNKIT!”

The T.I.G.E.R.s evangelize to those in the dark about slow search.

The T.I.G.E.R.s evangelize to those in the dark about slow search.

Well, not really, but close. My fellow intern and cubiclemate Joli unleashed her talent as a singer/songwriter/choreographer with catchy protest anthems such as “ChunkIt Like It’s Hot” and “I Chunked a Page and I Liked It”*. JJ and Rob raged against the machine, leading the crowd in chanting “Orange Power” and “What do we want? (Faster searches!) When do we want ‘em? (Now!) How we goin’ to get ‘em? (ChunkIt!)” Meanwhile, cameraman Brian and aspiring reporter Steven recorded the day’s events with stunning cinematography and journalistic integrity.

A few bystanders tentatively approached us to see what the commotion was about. Other onlookers, mostly unsuspecting tourists, chattered excitedly amongst themselves. Some, possibly under the impression that they were witnessing the rebirth of the free speech movement, took photographs and home videos to show their friends and family why the town has earned the nickname “Berserkeley”. Our protest gained a touch of symbolism with a computer-shaped piñata labeled “Slow Search”. Hungry college students and small children partook in the festivities, wielding a ChunkIt! bat to bring slow search to its demise. One Berkeley native approached me to say, “I really approve of what you guys are doing here. I’d totally jump in and help you protest, but I’m so high at the moment, I don’t even know what I’m saying.” I thanked him politely anyway.

The T.I.G.E.R. team marches down Telegraph Avenue.

The T.I.G.E.R. team marches down Telegraph Avenue.

After exhausting our supply of business cards, losing our voices, and leaving the town plastered with “I Got Chunked” stickers, we trudged back to Shattuck Avenue for the long BART journey home. Just as Superman returns to his phone booth, we returned to our cubicles at the office and became Clark Kents once more…until our next mission.


The result of our trip to Berkeley was the following video, edited by whiz kid Brian.  If you’re friends with me or another TigerLogic intern, look closely, and you may be able to spot us.

All riled up and hungry for more?  Browse ChunkIt’s YouTube channel or download ChunkIt! to save yourself from slow search before it’s too late.

*It should be noted that I do not under any circumstances condone listening to Snoop Dogg or Katy Perry.

One cool feature of WordPress is that it allows you to see what links and search terms people use to find your blog.  I get a lot of hits from search terms like “TI-83 programming” and “the hills mtv” that relate to articles I’ve written in the past, but once in a while there’s a hit from a totally unrelated search:

I do not in fact have a blog post about machines to toilet paper trees.  True story.  Sorry dude.

I do not in fact have a blog post about machines to toilet paper trees. True story.

My curiosity as to how this search term somehow led someone to exploringberkeley was piqued.  I did a bit of investigation on Google, and while I did not find my blog on the first page of search terms, I did find:

These findings bring up some very important questions, not the least of which are Has MacGyver watched this important how-to video about making toilet paper trees? and Why does a website called “Toilet Paper World” even exist? But the question I most want answered is Who are you, mysterious and/or shady person who demands a TP-ing machine from the world, and how did you find me?

So many questions.  At least now we know the answer to the age-old query on Chris’s Threadless shirt:

He'd build a green construction paper tree, that's what. BAD ASS.

Hey there. I’m Katherine. This is going to be a blog about being a college student living in Berkeley, CA. The best way for you to get to know me is probably to explain myself in terms of Cranium, the best party game of all mankind:

If I were a game category in Cranium, I would definitely be the Word Worm. I’m not so much of a Data Head; I thought my college admission might be revoked because I almost got a D in Calculus (uh, integrals, what?) but luckily, that didn’t happen, and now I get to live in Berkeley, the most rocking city this side of the Mississippi.

As a word worm, though, I can spell forwards and backwards, individually or on a team. I don’t like to brag (I secretly do), but I’m a two time high-school spelling bee champion. I am pretty much all over this literacy shit. At school, I happily work for less than $5/hr as a copy editor for The Daily Californian, meaning that I proofread articles for grammar, write headlines, and would really like a shirt that says, “bad grammar makes me [sic]”.

I’m not too much of a Star Performer (my humdinger performances are notoriously incomprehensible), but get me in front of Rock Band and despite being tone-deaf and rhythmically challenged, I will rock and roll all night (and party every day). My favorite band is The Ramones, and my first concert was Social Distortion at the Fillmore in San Francisco. I love music, and will be blogging about my favorite bands, both famous and emerging.

I’m not a picky eater, but I detest overhyped restaurants and go to great lengths to debunk such establishments. One of my favorite things about living in Berkeley is finding (and sometimes fabricating out of thin air) special occasions that necessitate celebrating at a locally acclaimed eatery. Some of that enthusiasm for food will probably carry over onto this blog as well.

Say hi in the comments and let me know what you’d like to see!