Tonight, I attended the fall showcase of a UC Berkeley student theatrical group, Theatre Rice.  TR is celebrating its ten year anniversary this year, and always puts on two great shows per semester.  The shows are usually a medley of performances, and in the past, I’ve seen improv, student films, comedy, drama, one-acts, and even a musical.  TR shows are almost always fantastic, and tonight was no exception.

I saw my first TR show as a freshman, and I was hooked, because I haven’t missed a show so far.  This year, Paul joined TR, so I usually go with a group of friends to be his personal cheering section.  The cast is a group of super talented and hilarious individuals, and I give them kudos for being capable enough (and insane enough) to put on two quality shows per semester while juggling classwork, other extracurriculars, jobs, and life as college students.

Here are a few video clips of my favorite performances from past shows.  Please be advised that most of these would be rated about PG-13 or above for language:

“Definition: Normalcy Part I”: An engaged couple, a frustrated job applicant, and a couple with marital problems all sing about pretending to be normal — but what if everyone is a little crazy in this delightful musical?

Highlight: The cleaning aisle song spoofing The Little Mermaid at 2:58.

If you liked this, be sure to see:  Parts II and III of the musical.  Totally great.

“The Girl From Yesterday (Trailer)”: Andrew has a crush on his classmate Kristin, but his bumbling attempts at flirting and her seeming indifference offer more than a few setbacks.

Highlight: Seriously jaw-droppingly gorgeous cinematography of the UC Berkeley campus by student director Huy Vu.

If you liked this, be sure to see: The entirety of “The Girl from Yesterday,” around 33:00 running time.  Huy Vu’s other films with Theatre Rice, including “Darkness, My Old Friend”,  mockumentary “Theatre Rice: Behind the Laughter,” and the trailer for tonight’s film, “Anniversary”.

One clip that I wish I could show you is Theatre Rice’s Experimental Troupe, which has been doing great things this year with percussive dance performances (think Stomp with dining ware and luggage).  Unfortunately, no clips are on Theatre Rice’s YouTube channel yet, but new videos are added periodically.  In the meantime, if you go to UC Berkeley, you simply cannot miss Theatre Rice’s shows in the Spring 2009 season.  I’ll see you there.