A few days ago, I heard a track called “Mr. Rock & Roll” by a Scottish female vocalist named Amy Macdonald.  I enjoyed it and think her acoustic folk-pop sound is worth a listen; it’s somewhat reminiscent of KT Tunstall and the multitudes of other girls with dark hair and bangs who have been playing indie music on guitar of late.

Amy’s songwriting is nothing earth-shatteringly innovative, but she has no average voice, and as a self-taught musician, she’s not bad at all.  NPR Weekend Edition tells me that her popularity has been growing in the UK for a while and is just starting to make its way over to the US.

If you heard about Amy Macdonald ages ago, feel free to inform me that I am totally behind the times on what young people are listening to nowadays.   I’d also be interested to hear your opinion on whether Amy’s style is refreshing or unremarkable.  You can listen to more full tracks by Amy Macdonald on last.fm.