I have never been an early bird. At home on weekend mornings, my dad usually rushes into the room my sister and I share, chirpy and all excited about some wholesome family outing he has planned. He pulls the window blinds right up, flooding bright sunlight into the room, and shouts something typically cheery like “Good morning girls! It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Just look at that sky!”, sometimes followed by a hearty rendition of the theme song from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

At this point, my sister pretends that she’s deep in REM sleep, and it generally works, because my dad latches on to me instead.  I respond by demanding one of the following:

  • “Dad.  It is TEN O CLOCK in the MORNING.  Are you MAD?”
  • “Why are you so CHIPPER?  Cheer DOWN.”
  • Or, once, at his insistence that it really was time to wake up already, “You have GOT to be kidding me.”

This morning, however, I was probably up before even my dad was. Today’s task in This Book Will Change Your Life was “Do Something Before Breakfast Today”.  Here is my morning, documented through Twitter:


5:00 am: (My alarm went off.  I frantically pawed around for the snooze button, accidentally called the second contact in my address book instead, and spent the next half hour trying to wake up before I was able to pull myself out of bed and onto Twitter.)

5:38 am: reading “this book will change your life”. today’s task: do something before breakfast. so here i am, tweeting before the break of dawn.

5:48 am: my morning paper isn’t here yet. step it up, oakland tribune. no matter. i’m going to eat a grapefruit i purchased especially for today.

6:32 am: warmed up and stretched for half an hour, not really caring how idiotic i looked, because none of my neighbors are awake yet! liberating.

6:56 am: the boyfriend, who is also following “this book will change your life”, is using his early morning to do chem homework.

6:56 am: greeting the sun. hi sun! good morning!

7:01 am: going on a run down college ave. this will be my first run in about a year, so i expect to be winded shortly. nonetheless, on a run i go.

7:55 am: a triumph: ran all the way to safeway, about a mile. bought another grapefruit. said good morning to all passersby. have huge smile on face.

this book will change your life breakfast


9:59 am: about to attempt to poach eggs for the first time. i am feeling adventurous, but not enough to freestyle it sans cookbook.

10:24: tip for aspiring egg-poachers: don’t read digg while poaching. you’ll end up with a no-shell hardboiled egg on burnt toast. round 2.

(Round 2 was, for the record, perfect.)

One thing I have noticed about waking up before the crack of dawn is how much more I’ve been able to fit into my day.  Also, the endorphins must be working, because I am what my alternate universe non-early bird self would disparagingly call “an absolute cesspool of positivity”.  I must try this again sometime.