Have you ever put on a t-shirt and thought, “Gee, I wish this thing had more arm-holes to accommodate my extra limbs?”  Well, turn that frown upside-down and prepare to clap all six of your hands together, because a solution has arrived, in the form of fashion designer Daniel Palillo’s Scarv Tee:

This poor fellow tried to make a DIY ghost costume for Halloween.  (Hes not too good with arts and crafts.)
I wish I could tell you this is a joke, and that these are pictures of an attempt at a classic Halloween ghost costume gone awry.  I cannot.

The Scarv Tee was featured yesterday on The Fashion Police blog, which fortunately did not embrace a white sheet full of holes as this season’s must-have, instead offering this tongue-in-cheek endorsement:

“Now, we know what you’re thinking girls, but don’t worry: although this garment is being modelled by a man here, it is, in fact, a unisex shirt, so you and your man can both wear it. We’re speaking literally here, by the way: when we say “you can both wear it” we mean “you can both wear it at the same time“, on account of the fact that it has four neck holes that we can see, and possibly more that we can’t. In fact, what the hell: bring the kids, let them wear it too! Invite your friends!”

The Fashion Police

The Scarv Tee, sold by LA fashion store Welcome Hunters, goes for $205.  That’s USD, by the way, not Zimbabwean dollars.  Perhaps more incredible than the $205 price tag is the fact that the Scarv Tee is completely sold out.  Now, even if you suppose that the Scarv Tee is so unmarketable that the manufacturing lot size was only 1 tee, it still means that someone bought one.

Ponder that for a moment.

In case you’re wondering what other designs Welcome Hunters has up its sleeve(s), look no further than the Angelika Pashbeck Harem Pants in blue:

Welcome Hunters calls these fashion forward yet casual and comfortable.

Welcome Hunters calls these "fashion forward yet casual and comfortable."

What’s with the name?  It’s like they discovered a warehouse full of leftover Hammer pants from the 1980s, tried to put a fresh new twist on them by making an anagram of “Hammer pants”, and due to a tragic typographical error wound up with “Harem pants”.  Retail value for these periwinkle sweatpants?  $435.  No joke.