Some of you may think that football is a primitive sport closely mirroring the historic clash of the Neanderthals versus the Cro-Magnons.  I confess that I used to be one of you.  Before I came to Cal, I couldn’t understand what made football fans so passionate, what made my dad jump to his feet in front of the television yelling “GO GO GO!”, and what made millions of fans impatiently ask each week, “Is It Monday Yet?”

Marshawn Lynch played for the Bears against USC in 2006, and was drafted in the NFL the next year.

I’m still not a fan of professional football, or even of watching college football on TV, but there is something incomparable to being in the student section of Memorial Stadium at a Cal football home game.  The entire student section becomes one entity, collectively holding our breath, groaning, and cheering as the game unfolds.  When Cal scores a touchdown, the atmosphere in the stadium is wild.  The six points are heralded by a loud explosion from the victory cannon and the marching band’s victorious rendition of “Fight For California”, while in the student section, I jump up and down inarticulately yelling something really intelligent like, “YEAH!  YEAH!  YEAH!”, high-fiving everyone within a two-bleacher radius, and assisting brave crowd-surfers on their ascent to the top of the stadium, gliding upwards upon a sea of jubilant hands.

Those of you who went to Monta Vista may recognize these rather rabid-looking fans, featured on Sports Illustrateds website last season.

Those of you who went to Monta Vista may recognize these rather rowdy-looking fans, featured on Sports Illustrated's website last season.

No matter how many times I’ve seen it, this year’s promotional video for Cal football always gets me pumped.  I think it’s exceptionally well edited and visually strong, and if I didn’t already have season tickets, this video would certainly prompt me to buy them:

I will certainly be watching tomorrow’s home game vs. Oregon.  There’s only one way to end a post like this, and that’s with “Go Bears!”