ChunkIt!, a search engine tool created by the company I’m interning for, was featured this year in an article called “11 Things You Shouldn’t Leave For School Without”.  The article was posted on Dumb Little Man, which is kind of like LifeHacker in that it teaches you tips for making your life easier.

The article’s 10 little-known but highly recommended websites for students includes OttoBib, an automatic bibliography creator tool; eFax, which allows you to recieve faxes as email attachments in your inbox; and Qipit, which allows you easily to turn cameraphone photos of your school notes into documents.

Of course, the website I was most excited about seeing in the article was

”Instead of clicking from link to link, this add-on is able to mine every link on a web page and pulls out the information for you. Makes researching 10x faster.”‘

Dumb Little Man about ChunkIt!

“11 Things You Shouldn’t Leave for School Without” was featured on Propeller this week, and has something like 1500 diggs on Digg.  If you’re a student, check it out and bookmark it; it has lots of helpful suggestions.