Remember when I blogged about discovering new music via legal downloads from earlier this month?  One of the great bands I discovered is a now-defunct Bellingham, Washington band called Racetrack.  I would call their overall sound indie pop, somewhat reminiscent of Voxtrot and The Pipettes.

Racetrack’s Meghan Kessinger contributes clear female vocals and catchy guitar hooks, while Jackson Long and Chris Rasmussen create a solid rhythmic foundation on drums/male vocals and bass, respectively.  Their strongest song by far is “Don’t Sit On the Pickets,” which I guarantee will get stuck in your head.  In a good, non-Katy Perry way.

“Racetrack is true to its name: fun, fast, loud and kinetic. Their ‘catchy, noisy power pop’ can be heard on their new EP ‘go ahead and say it’ (2006) and their previous full-length, ‘City Lights’, recorded by Death Cab For Cutie’s Chris Walla.”

Listen to “Don’t Sit On the Pickets” streaming on

Sadly, the members of Racetrack broke up in late 2006 to work on individual projects.  Most of their songs are available for free download on, and can be heard on their MySpace or websiteAndrew of FensePost, in his infinite lightyears-ahead-of-me hipness,  wrote about Racetrack in a review of “go ahead and say it” in October 2006.  He recommends the following five must-hear tracks, almost all of which are available for immediate and free legal download on

  1. Don’t Sit On The Pickets
  2. The War At Home
  3. Sure Thing!
  4. Jumping The Shark
  5. Recidivism