Burning Man is an annual Labor Day event that draws thousands of people to Black Rock Desert, Nevada to participate in a four-day experiment in community living and self-reliance.  It’s obviously famous for its namesake effigy of The Man, but also for its participants’ self-expression (think elaborate costumes and the annual Critical Tits procession, which is exactly what it sounds like) as well as art of stunning proportions that is centered around an annual theme.

Nearly 50,000 people participated in Burning Man 2008, “American Dream”.  Burning Man is a big thing among the Berkeley community; even my Physics professor from last spring goes.  I have never gone, but here are some images, posted by attendees, of the striking art at this year’s exhibit:

Bone Tree.


The Man from afar.


The bumper actually reads "Bummer".

The men in this giant ketchup bottle served free french fries each night.

Actually two seperate pieces rather than a strange tribute to Donnie Darko.

As with many Burning Man installations, this one featured real people as part of the art.

Dragon car.

These are attendees, not an art piece, but I couldnt leave it out.  So awesome.  It looks like the Black Rock Desert is Tatooine.

These are attendees, not an art installation, but I couldn't leave it out. So awesome. It looks like the Black Rock Desert is Tatooine.

You can see more images from Burning Man 2008’s attendee-submitted image gallery, or check out Robyn Johnson’s list of the 13 Coolest Art Installations in the History of Burning Man.  For more on what it’s like to attend Burning Man for the first time, read Madeline Greco’s well-written account of her experience.  If you have an extra $200-$300 lying around and a free Labor Day weekend, you can attend Burning Man 2009, “Evolution: A Tangled Bank”.