I’ve been hearing a renewed buzz about “Spring Awakening” lately, likely because it’s currently playing at the Curran Theatre in nearby San Francisco.  It’s a well-reviewed, Tony award-winning (“Best Music”, “Best Choreography”, “Best Direction”, “Best Musical of the Year”) rock musical with a supposedly amazing alternative/folk rock score written by Duncan Sheik.  The subject matter deals with puberty and discovering one’s sexuality in teenage years, and has been hailed as the new “Rent”, telling a compelling story that has been called “the groundbreaking fusion of morality, sexuality and rock & roll”.

“The musical is not limited to its message, which is more undercurrent than heavy-handed moral. As a whole, the show is memorable, stirring and, on occasion, raucously funny.

Naturally, the vibrant cast deserves some of the credit. Decked out in period clothing, they still manage to leap around the stage in balls-out numbers like “My Junk” and “Totally Fucked.” It’s not all headbanging thrills, though, and they’re equally adept at keeping things subdued when appropriate.”‘

Louis Peitzman, The Daily Californian

Weeds fans will be glad to hear that Hunter Parrish, who plays Silas, will be joining the cast as male lead Melchior.  Here’s a video of him pitching the show:

You can read the entirety of the review in The Daily Californian or visit the official site to learn more, but before you get too attached to the idea of seeing “Spring Awakening” in San Francisco’s Curran Theatre, prepare to have your aspirations cruelly crushed by ticket prices of $100-$200 and the realities of your student budget.