In addition to learning to cook, I’m also learning to grocery shop in my first few weeks in the apartment.  I usually shop at Trader Joe’s on College Avenue because it’s easily accessible by bus, the items are always good quality, and it’s often cheaper than Safeway.  I love Joe.

One cool thing I learned so far to save money is to substitute ground turkey for ground beef.  It’s cheaper per pound, leaner (and thus healthier), and it’s better for the environment.  Cows take up a lot more resources than turkeys do to produce an equivalent amount of meat, making both the dollar and the environmental cost higher.  (Of course, if you really want to eat efficiently on the food chain, you should become a vegetarian.  But I can’t give up my meat just like that.)

At Trader Joes, ground turkey is about $2.99/lb.  (P.S. This isnt Trader Joes turkey.)

At Trader Joe's, ground turkey is about $2.99/lb. (P.S. This isn't Trader Joe's turkey.)

So far, I’ve used ground turkey to make meat sauce for my pasta, as well as a delicious lasagna.