SUPERB Entertainment is arguably one of the best student government-sponsored organizations at Cal.  They put on films, concerts, sneak previews, and all sorts of other cool entertainment on campus at very reasonable costs.

Last year I saw a sneak preview of Charlie Bartlett, an indie film starring Robert Downey, Jr., in our very own Wheeler Auditorium, followed by a Q&A session with director John Poll.  (I’ll dedicate a post solely to Charlie Bartlett later.)  Another memorable SUPERB event was a surprise Counting Crows concert on Lower Sproul one evening.  I’m not a huge Crows fan, but both events were free and well worth my attendance.

Just how inebriated was lead singer Adam Duritz?

Just how inebriated was lead singer Adam Duritz?

Counting Crows, Wistful Alumni Descend on Sproul — The Daily Clog

This year, SUPERB has just come out with their Friday Film Series lineup, which consists of Iron Man, the campuswide MovieFest, Sex and the City, Wall-E, the Dark Knight, Pineapple Express, and Tropic Thunder.  Almost all of these are summer blockbusters I wanted to see but didn’t have the time or the spare change to watch at a theatre; now I can catch the flicks right on campus for only $3 with my Cal ID.

Two events I really hope SUPERB will put on this year:

1) A screening of Nanette Burstein’s documentary American Teen (see my earlier post).

2) An MC Lars concert; MC Lars is a smart, witty rapper who graduated from Stanford with an English major and just began a college tour to promote his new record (related post to come).  Here’s Lars’s music video for “Download This Song”, his take on the changing role of the record industry in today’s increasingly ditigalized world.