I have a confession to make.  Tonight I snuck over to Kate’s apartment to watch The Hills on MTV.  I say “snuck” because if I tried to watch it in my own apartment, I would be scoffed at.

Not the brightest pennies.

Not the brightest pennies.

I used to be a scoffer too, but then I got sucked into it, and there’s been no turning back.  You  know you’re intellectually above their sordid L.A. affairs, but at the same time, you can’t help but shout equal parts exasperated advice and sardonic commentary at the screen as you watch the hapless drama queens (and kings) go about their daily catfights in this (documentary? scripted?) drama.

Spencer and Heidi are the best/worst.

Beware: Heidi and Spencer are after your brain — MSN.com

I cannot believe that Spencer had the nerve this week to kick Heidi’s sister out of their apartment when he himself had just moved back in after his tantrum last season.  (Spencer is always throwing tantrums.)  I also can’t see why Heidi keeps taking Spencer back time after time, though today Kate shared a fact that may shed a little light on the matter: Lauren Conrad gets paid somewhere near $75,000 per Hills episode, and the supporting characters get paid less (but still way more than their antics deserve, I’m sure).  I speculated that the MTV producers pay Heidi extra to keep going out with Spencer to keep him on the show for entertainment value.  How much money would you demand every week to babysit him?